Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Big score



This is what I found at the Value Village last Saturday. I hear about people finding great stuff thrifting, and sometimes I find a nice piece or two. This, however, is the knittery score of a lifetime.

There are three legitimate addi needles, and three Inox express - one in an addi package, one in a Balene package, and one in an Inox package. The Inox needles are stamped with their sizes. Sure wish my addis were like that!


Johanna said...

Geez! I go there all the time and NEVER find stuff like that!!!!

Okay, apparently you can't post pictures in comments so I'll just link you...

hehe, j/k. :-*

Johanna said...

apparently you can't SEE that link.. let me try again.. it really was funny and I took it FOR you ;)