Sunday, April 29, 2007

Going to the dogs

Not being a dog owner, there are many things I will never understand about the human-dog relationship. Two of them occurred yesterday while I was waiting in line at the Starbuck's. I was sitting in the drive thru line and noticed that the car in front of me contained a very large dog. He was sitting in the middle of the front seat and seemed to be well-behaved - not jumping around or anything. I looked away for a minute gathering my wallet and looked back up to see the driver throwing a large handful of dog hair out her window as she was putting her order in to the barista. I realize it's spring and dogs are shedding, but did she really need to chuck that out at the drive-thru? I suppose some bird will fly by and consider it a huge windfall with which to build a nest. We all moved forward one space and I gratefully put my order in. As I'm waiting for the driver ahead of me to get her beverage of choice, I see the barista hand her a lid full of whipped cream which she then fed her dog. Seriously, can that be good for an animal? It's not really even that good for people! I was truly thankful that she didn't hand the empty, slobbery lid back to the barista before she drove off.

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