Monday, April 16, 2007

Rained out

Our regular Monday playgroup was relocated to a local park today due to a sick husband. The weather was supposed to be a nice partly cloudy 56 degrees. The reality was a damp, rain-threatening 50 degrees. We decided to go anyway and brave the weather. It was great for the girls to get out and play since they'd be doing the same running and climbing in the house - not so good for the momma or the furniture. On the way the Peanut decided to break into her normal car-hating crying. Once she reached the shreiking level, I decided to stop and nurse/change/bounce/rock her until she was calm enough to go on. This was only two miles from our house. We had at least 15 more to go. So as we're sitting in the empty mall parking lot, I decided that we need to just stay home more. When it first became apparent that the Peanut hates riding in the car, I figured that there were two paths we could try to remedy the situation. 1) Keep up with our normal routine in the hope that she'll eventually get used to the car and stop crying every time she's buckled in. 2) Stay home and let hubby and the big girls go out to do the errands and such until Peanut passes the car-hating phase. Clearly option 1 is not working as it's what we've been trying for 8 weeks with no improvement. Time for option 2 - although I'm not sure how I will fare with the cabin fever. That's why I knit, I suppose. Too bad Starbuck's doesn't deliver.

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Johanna said...

I'm sorry the little one doesn't like the car. To my knowledge nothing makes it better but time. Hope you don't mind me finding you here. I saw you on Rebekah's blog. See you soon.